Data Engineer

As  a Vonage Data Engineer, you will be a part of our backend team, will play major part in designing and architecturing the new version of the OLTP Postgresql database and will work in AWS cloud with different services like AWS Aurora, S3, Glue etc.

You will be in charge of database queries performance tuning, high availability strategies architecture and implementation, database schema changes automation and monitoring.

We  challenge the Data Engineer to get into the boots of DevOps Engineer and work with Ansible automation that creates database infrastructure in AWS cloud.

What You’re Great At:

  • Eager to learn new technologies.
  • Independently tackling challenges: You don’t need anyone to keep you on track. You’re organized and efficient.
  • Strong communication skills & Ability to work in team.
  • Flexibility and adaptability to work in a growing, dynamic team.

What You’re Good At:

  • Familiarity with AWS cloud services.
  • Experience with Postgresql database engine.
  • High level knowledge about other database technologies, differences and their purpose.

What You Must Have Experience In:

  • At least 3 year production experience with Postgresql ( installation, upgrades and tuning).
  • Deep knowledge on queries execution concepts in Postgresql.
  • Experience with AWS cloud services.

Qualities About You That Might Make our Decision Easier:

  • Passion for everything about data management.
  • Python language knowledge.
  • Experience with Redis, DynamoDB, MySQL or other database engines.
  • Experience in Agile software development methodology.
  • A great recommendation from your previous employer.

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