Machine Learning Expert

Vonage’s R&D Center is building a new machine learning and data science team and is looking for individuals skilled in both research and code to take us to the next level.

As a Vonage Machine Learning Engineer and Data Scientist, you will build data driven solutions that serve both our user base as well as internally by other teams in the company.

You will be the researcher, architect and coder of your project and take part in developing next-generation technologies that change how people communicate. We challenge our engineers to be versatile and passionate to take projects from the idea through research and development and until deployment in our production environment.

What You’re Great At:

  • Research orientation: You have a strong problem solving and critical thinking mindset.
  • Software development: You have a strong interest in developing new software.
  • Independently tackling challenges: You don’t need anyone to keep you on track.

What You’re Good At:

  • Self-learner: You are a self-learner and you are passionate about learning and applying new technologies.
  • Collaboration: You’re comfortable working with others, both inside and outside of your team.

What you Must Have Experience In:

  • Experience in machine learning or data science research.
  • Hands-on experience in writing code in at least one programing language.

Qualities about You That Might Make our Decision Easier:

  • Experience in Python, Tensorflow, Scikit-learn – big advantage.
  • A great recommendation from a previous employer.
  • Experience in developing cloud based application.
  • Experience in deep learning, time series analysis or anomaly detection.

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