Meet the Teams

Product Team

Product Team

The Product Management team at Vonage are building the next generation of unified communication platform, by providing solutions that serve millions of businesses in their day to day communication needs.

The product team manages all aspects of a successful product throughout its lifecycle from strategic planning to tactical activities.

The team drives a solution set across development teams - primarily Development/Engineering, and Marketing Communications, through market requirements, product contract, and positioning.

Client Team

Mobile Team

The Mobile team is responsible for taking the product vision and delivering the best mobile applications for our customers.
We build SDKs and high-end mobile applications for Android(Java) and iOS (ObjC, Swift) using the latest technologies.
Messaging Team

Messaging Team

The messaging team is responsible for all text communication between supported systems in Vonage and from those systems outside to mobile carriers around the world.

The team is a full stack team, developing our BE (Java, Python, MongoDB, MQTT) and mobile clients libraries in iOS (objective C, Swift) and Android (Java) that are an SDK for our BE.

Backend Team

Back End Team

A team that works on the Essentials environment mostly tackling architecture and scalability.
Our main projects last year: AIOB, Many2Many call clusters, Essentials Monitor, Martello.
Video Team

Video Team

Start up inside the company 🙂 The video team is building a new platform for video conferencing that will be integrated with Nexmo and the Vonage Business Essentials app.

Voxip Team

Our team provides the VoIP infrastructure to all mobile and desktop client-side solutions, with per-solution specific APIs (Objective C, Java, C++, Node.js, Python), while maintaining a single multi-platform core written in C and C++, and keeping as close as possible to the SIP and RTP/RTCP standards.

We are using our proprietary and patented optimizations to WebRTC and PJSIP to keep our product highly performing without compromising quality.